“The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.”

― Mark Twain


Humans are emotionally complex and confused about our motives and even our feelings. We can easily betray each other—and then justify it. Animal companions appear to experience many, if not most, of our emotions, but they have no intellectually constructed moral code, sense of ethics, or capacity to justify their actions after they have acted on them. 


And yes, there are cases where stray dogs have savaged people and other dogs for no apparent reason. No one has a decent explanation for that at this time. But seldom do pet animals attack those who care for them, and wild animals have their own agenda.


If you discipline a dog by speaking harshly to him or her, the dog may come to you later with a “please-make-up-with-me” whine, and be rather obviously,  relieved when you touch and reassure your pet. 


 I understand that developing relationships with human beings can be scary, intimidating, and often disappointing at some juncture. But please keep in mind that, while humans can be treacherous and without conscience, many of our species are out here with a capacity to love unconditionally, selflessly, and permanently. Many of us would gladly seek to help those in need of comfort or even material sustenance when we can, and ask nothing in return. 


It takes courage to look for and find a true friend, but when you do, the reward is incomparable to any other experience a human can have. I try have some friends, but no one give to me the valor I always give to then. So, I just love the animal companions in the meantime.