God, you have always inspired me in so many ways, and that is truly something that I admire about you. First of all, you inspired me to do well in all aspects of life. You urged me to try my best and work hardest at life, in sports, at work, how to be a person; to accomplish something I really wanted, and so much more. Also, your inspiration when I became seriously ill helped me to restore my health because you urged me to keep fighting. When I found out that I had a brain tumor, and after three surgeries,you inspired me to never give up and continue living my life as naturally as possible while seeking the topmost healthcare. Lastly, you inspired me to stay faithful and close to you during the darkest to the most pleasant times in life.Your encouragement to pray and have a strong relationship with Jesus uplifted me during the most challenging times and made me more thankful and praising of the happiest times. Your inspiration is undoubtedly a major reason why you are such an essential part of my life.


Thank you for everything you gave me and keep giving me. Thank you for forgiving my





Family Secrets.png

Title of Book: Family Secret 
Genre: Romance, Drama
Publication Year: 2020
ASIN: 6634232959
ISBN: 9720762332951

Family Secrets, also released in Brazilian Portuguese as Segredos de Família, by Brazilian novelist Marileide Andersen, is the story of two young lovers manipulated by the circumstances. 

The story begins in 1968 when sixteen-year-old Catherine, a fragile girl, tries to break away from her wealthy father’s control to live her first love. 

Now, fast forward to 2015. Catherine is sixty-three, and the matriarch of her family. When a family secret is revealed, it triggers consequences that will change the lives of everyone she loves. 

This is the story of how triumphant the power of love can be. Is an undying love capable of overcoming tragedies from the past and all of its outcomes reaching to the present?


Finally, it’s the story of Max, a teenager guided by courage and willpower alone, trying to uncover the secret that almost destroyed his family forever.


Family Secrets will take you to the heart of families, where the greatest cruelties happen.

American Dreams.png


Title of Book: American Dreams

Secret Genre: Romance, Drama

Publication Year: 2021

ASIN: 6634232959

ISBN: 978-650016161-8

Mary Guedelha’s novel American Dreams is a romantic comedy, sequel to

the eponymous comedy and drama series. You’ll follow the stories of five

Brazilian women living in California, in search of better conditions in life.

Heloisa, Suzana, Daniela, Sabrina and Monica will have to face the hardships

of being away from their families and friends, all the while having to deal with

cultural barriers hindering them in making their dreams come true. In chapters

full of romance, comedy and drama, American Dreams present earnest topics

that concerns the lives of legal and illegal immigrants all over the United States.

Suzana is a strong and self-serving woman who’s been living in the United

States since she was eighteen. Upon arriving, she’d fell in love with a surfer,

with whom she got married one year later. However, due to conflicts, they’d

soon split up after only two years of marriage. But they keep a relationship for

another three years, so Suzana can apply for an American citizenship.

Then, Heloisa, Suzana's best friend, also makes the decision to go to

California with her brother Bruno, ten years younger. After thirteen years of a

life filled of adventures and struggles, Bruno, already an adult and with a college

degree, manages to be adopted by Suzana, and also becomes an American

citizen. He gets promoted and moves to LA to work.

With a now vacant room, Heloisa decides to rent it to Daniela and her

daughter, a smart and mischievous nine-year-old who gets a strong idea of

matchmaking her mom and the love of her life. Daniela’s brought with her not

only her daughter, but two friends—Monica, who dreams of becoming a model,

and Sabrina, who’s studying to be a doctor. As they get used to their new lives,

Heloisa, in spite of having to deal with her own hardships, finds herself taking

on a role as a mentor for all the other women, who fully confide in her. Despite

her unsuccessful love history with a Mexican drug dealer, she tries to help her

friends in their everyday issues—love, work, dreams and disappointments.

Many challenges await these women in their new country, in their new life.



Title of Book: Relacionamento

Secret Genre: Romance

Publication Year: 2010

ASIN: 764930002776

ISBN: 983-27162599-17



TV Show Project 



Book April - 2021 - Film Project


* Unconditional Love

-Book  Jul /2021


My thought...

" I never thought of myself as an author or an artist until I was 16. I felt I had a talent for both. But it was like I didn’t have a voice in my life. 

It was no easy to start, it was not easy to find the right agent, so I got to a low emotional point. It was a little like being in emotional quicksand. I needed something to hold onto so that I would not fall deeper. Then I decided to focus more and more on my art. 


Now I know I’ve great stories in my hands to show everybody. My experience has convinced me that everyone has talents they may not have discovered yet and that are worth exploring.


My reward is here, and I’m the living proof that hard work pays in the end."