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I've been told that writers are a difficult sort to get into serious relationships with. But is not true. my three relationships lasted more than five years. My marriage lasted much more than twenty years.

Sometimes when I writer will be a little dramatic. Sometimes the drama comes in the form of my partner having come up with what I believe to be an unheard of and novel idea. I never won’t stop talking about it, and he will probably be my first and favourite listening choice.


The most important thing is to respect that every writer is an individual, very different from every other individual. I’ve heard of writers who write the most heart wrenching poetry but have none of that to give to their lovers, not a single word. I’ve also heard of writers who will go to any ends of the world to find and keep their muse, who lose the value of their own lives in this pursuit. Every writer has a different dream.



Title of Book: Relationship

Genre: Non Fiction, Romance

Publication Year: 2010


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Title of Book: Family Secret 

Genre: Non Fiction, Romance, Drama

Publication Year: 2020



How triumphant is the power of love?


Family Secrets tells the story of two young lovers manipulated by the circumstances. The narrative presents two moments in Catherine's life—her successes, failures, fears, and a past etched in her life forever. The reader will be led to investigate what is behind this secret kept for so many years, making several lives go separate ways.


In 1968, Catherine, at sixteen, is a fragile girl, an only child, who tries to escape the control of her rich and authoritarian father to live her first love. In doing so, she struggles against the sexist and patriarchal society of the time.


In 2015, Catherine, now sixty-three, has becamo the matriarch of her family. Max, her grandson, a teenager guided only by courage and willpower, sets out on a quest do figure out the secret that almost destroyed his family forever. When this secret is revealed, it unleashes consequences that will change the lives of all of their loved ones.


Is an eternal love capable of overcoming tragedies and their results treflected up to the present?


Family Secrets will take you into the heart of families, where the greatest cruelties happen.

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The American Dream -

Coming September/2020


Title of Book: The American Dream

Genre: Non Fiction, Romance, Drama

Publication Year: 2020

ISBN: 238722

Five Brazilian women become roommates in California. Romantic drama and comedy adventures and career issues. Initially around the lives of three Brazilian women that decide to move from Brazil to California to be roommates of two Brazilian women that were living in Newport Beach for more than ten years. Each one with different dreams, difficulties to adapt in another country. Phases and conflicts throughout the series. 

Black and White Minimalist Memoir_Inspir

My Mistake

Title Author : Mary Guedelha

Title of Book: My Mistake

Genre: Drama, Romance Action

Film Project


Unconditional Love -


Title of Book: Unconditional Love

Genre: Based on a true story, Romance, Drama

Publication Year: 2020

ISBN: 4378119

Unconditional love. Without barriers, without limits and a lot of strength to keep fighting. A men,  love,  that was from the moment he met her and until the moment when she needed him,  he never abandoned. Days and nights at her side waiting for she  return.


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